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Tech Events

(14 Nov) SVBS Seminar: Assembling the Nuts and Bolts of Entrepreneurship - Silicon Valley Style (16 Nov)SVBS Seminar: Patent and Technology Commercialization
Date: 14-11-2011 - 16-11-2011
Time: 08:30 - 17:00
Venue: Training Theatre

(14 Nov) This seminar provides valuable insights into how the silicon valley system works, with a focus on how entrepreneurs can navigate the system to raise finance, build successful businesses and cash out via a profitable exit transaction. (16 Nov) This seminar will cover basics of patent protection in the United States, then explores the latest trends in patent trading and alternative methods of gaining patent protection (via patent licensing pools and elsewhere). The afternoon session provides practical 'how-to' guidance on technology transfers, patent licensing, sales and acquisitions. You will learn valuable tips and techniques for maximising the value of the intellectual property assets.

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