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Who can apply for this Accelerator Support Programme?

All applicants must be Cyberport existing or graduated incubatee or CCMF grantee. 


When should I submit application?

Cyberport receives applications all-year-round. You are advised to submit application once being admitted to accelerator programmes.


What do I have to submit for application?

You should submit the completed Cyberport Accelerator Support Programme application form and proven admission record of the endorsed accelerator programme.


How can I submit my application?

You shall submit the completed Cyberport Accelerator Support Programme application form with proven admission record of the endorsed accelerator programme to Cyberport Collaboration Centre by email to cc@cyberport.hk .


When is the deadline to apply?

You must apply before the commencement of accelerator programme you are admitted to.


How long does the application process?

It takes around 2 months and the duration depends on the completeness of documents you submit.


How can I know the application result?

Applicant will receive application result by email.


My company has entered two accelerator programmes at the same time. Can I submit two applications?

Yes, you can apply for more than one accelerator programmes, as long as that complies with the application requirements stated.  However, the financial assistance for each recipient will be capped at HK$300,000.


How much funding does each recipient receive from the Cyberport Accelerator Support Programme?

A maximum of HK$300,000 for each recipient. Please refer to ‘About Cyberport Accelerator Support Programme’ for more details about financial assistance.


Will Cyberport take any equity from recipients in the Cyberport Accelerator Support Programme?

No, Cyberport will not take any equity from recipients.


Do you accept accelerator programme which is not on the endorsed list?

You can provide more details about that accelerator programme on the application form for our consideration.



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